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CNPS Provides products along with solutions in oil and gas field.

CNPS is a company which specializes in procuring equipment for oil and gas companies in China. This equipment is essential at oil rig sites for the process of exploration, drilling, and distribution of oil and gas. We take great care to make a wide selection of quality, durable, efficient machines, and tools required by the Oil and Gas Industry. Our company also handles sourcing and exports of this equipment to their designated locations.
With the knowledge we have gained during our time in the Oil and Gas industry, we have picked up useful tips and skills that are necessary to improve the business of our customers. We operate by these guidelines, and this enables us to ensure that only the best services and solutions are provided. With us, our customers will have no reason to doubt the standard of service they get. We satisfy clients with extraordinary measures that comply with our company policy and maximize the advantage of our location in Shengli Oilfield, the second largest oil field in China.

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Our Culture

  • Company Culture: Mission, Vision, and values

  • Every company that plans to succeed must have a mission, a vision, and a set of guiding rules and principles to achieve their ultimate goal of success. At CNPS, we have carefully taken out time to strategize on what relevant policies help us to serve you better.

  • Our Mission:

  • At CNPS, our mission statement is, “to become the first choice for solutions and equipment in the global oil and gas industry." We aim to become a world-class provider of materials and sourcing equipment to oil sites within and across the border. With this goal in mind, we will continue to strive until we achieve this and become a worldwide brand that supplies excellent services.

  • Our Vision:

  • At CNPS, our vision is focused ahead of the current state of the oil and gas industry. By the year 2035, we hope to achieve and even exceed total sales of 2 billion Yuan and a profit margin of over 15% increase. We aim to become one of China’s most prominent energy equipment bench marking companies and ensure that our partners also grow with us to greater heights.

  • Our Values:

  • We believe that values serve as essential guiding principles in any endeavor. We will share some of our core values that are upheld at CNPS:

  •    Integrity: it is an integral part of our company.

  •    Dedication: dedication produces consistent results.

  •    Excellence: we make a continuous effort to perfect our company standards.

  •    Uniqueness: exceptional services and quality equipment are compulsory.

  •    Honesty: this is our policy, what we promise is what we deliver.

  •    Altruism: we love to see others happy, and this is what brings our happiness.