Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

EOR – An Emerging

Global Oil Production Technique!

Today’s oil production technique and the several different types of technologies available today have been developed and fine-tuned over years, like the the Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR).

Even though the gas and oil extraction process is an extremely thorough one, many experts believe that an additional stage of the enhanced oil recovery procedure can help companies extract oil and gas that they were unable to locate in the first few rounds of extraction. In addition, the right enhanced oil recovery technology and solutions can help oil and gas companies recover greater quantities of oil from oil fields. Likewise, it can also extend the longevity of oil fields.

EOR helps recover oil reserves, making sure to extend the life of fields that are under use. There are three types of EOR techniques, which include the following:

  • Injecting of gases to bring oil and gases afloat.
  • Pumping steam in oil wells to make it less viscous.
  • Fire flooding.
Some of the many benefits of putting our EOR technology and solutions to use include the following:
  • The maximization of oil reserves recovered.
  • It helps extend life of the fields.
  • It helps increase the recovery factor of the land.

With our state-of-the-art Enhanced Oil Recovery technology, you can get ensure a safe, reliable, and efficient way to extract oil and gas.

However, that’s not all – we also offer some of our best in-field experts, engineers, and technicians who provide you with solutions that will help aid the overall extraction procedure.

With our cutting edge technology and a team of experts to help; what else do you need to bring your project to a success? Get in touch with our team to avail our technology and solution services, today!

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