Wireless master station

wireless master station

Technical indicators

Working voltage: 3.3-5vdc

Operating frequency: 433±30MHz

System capacity: 2 × 25 nodes

Working temperature: -40~70°C

Protection level: IP67 2.

Main station circuit board

The front faces are 1-6 from left to right: 1—(vcc) power supply positive, 3.7-5v 2—(v0) power supply 0v, channel 1 signal zero, channel 2 signal zero 3—(rx1) channel 1 data reception 4—(tx1) channel 1 data transmission 5–(tx2) channel 2 data transmission 6—(rx2) channel 2 data reception Rs232 serial port 1—DCD 2—RX 3—TX 4—DTR 5—GND 6—DSR 7—RTS 8—CTS 9—RI

Antenna interface

The SAM interface is used for docking. The master station has 2 channels, the center frequency is 433MHz, and the 2 antennas are connected to the circuit board through the SAM interface.

Mode selection Toggle switch

On–Debug mode Off–working mode

External antenna

If the signal is not good, you need to strengthen it. You can use an external antenna. The external antenna connection method is shown in the figure.

Antenna erection

The main station is installed on the roof of the logging instrument and connected to the indoor interface box of the logging instrument through a multi-core explosion-proof plug. The primary station can receive 2k channels of wireless data, and the wireless communication module is packaged in the explosion-proof box of the main station. In order to prevent interference between the antennas, the distance between the two antennas should be above 20CM.

Weight 5 kg


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