Capacitance Water-Holdup

The enhanced CNPS Capacitance Water Hold-up Tool operates in the same manner as a standard tool, but has improved circuitry. Those provides a better response to changes of fluid when the water-cut value is high.


The improved design, in addition to providing greater discrimination in higher water cuts, also minimizes the “watering out” effect. This effect results in tool output continuing to indicate water even though the surrounding fluid has been replaced by hydrocarbons.



The tool is essentially an annular capacitor with the central probe and external cage acting as the capacitor plates and the well fluid flowing between the plates as the dielectric. The difference in the dielectrics of water & oil are detected by the tool and output as a frequency change. Water hold-up is determined by reference to a hold-up / fractional response chart.



Multi-Phase Production Oil / Gas / Water Hold-up Calculations Qualitative Analysis of Water Loaded Up Qualitative Analysis of High GOR, Water Free INTERFACING & TOOL COMBINATIONS Simultaneous Operation with other PL Tools Sondex Compatible and interchangeable.



Ultrawire ™ toolbus (UW) or Memory toolbus (Mbus) Slickline memory or surface readout mode (with suitable telemetry controller)



CWH Telemetry XTU or UMT

Pressure(max) 105MPa

Temperature(max) 177°C

Range 0-100% (0 – 40% best operating range)

Resolution 0.1%

Accuracy ±1% (Yw < 40)

Acquisition Time 1 Sec typical

Voltage(nominal) 18VDC

Current <13mA

Length 664mm

Measure Point 218mm

Diameter 43mm

Weight 4.5kg

Material Corrosion Resistance

Throughout End Thread(top/bottom) 13/16″ 12 UN2A

GO End connector(top/bottom) 4mm single banana connector.

Weight 15 kg


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