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Fossil Energy

We Providing Best oil and gas Solutions For Our Customers Business Growing In the Last 10+ Years.

CNPS is a company that specializes in procuring equipment for oil and gas companies in China. This equipment is essential at oil rig sites for the process of exploration, drilling, and distribution of oil and gas. We take great care to make a wide selection of quality, durable, efficient machines, and tools required by the Oil and Gas Industry. Our company also handles sourcing and exports of this equipment to their designated locations.

With the knowledge we have gained during our time in the Oil and Gas industry, we have picked up useful tips and skills that are necessary to improve the business of our customers. We operate by these guidelines, and this enables us to ensure that only the best services and solutions are provided. With us, our customers will have no reason to doubt the standard of service they get. We satisfy clients with extraordinary measures that comply with our company policy and maximize the advantage of our location in Shengli Oilfield, the second-largest oil field in China.

Renewable Energy

In the past few years, we have been committed to participating in and providing solutions in the field of renewable energy such as geothermal and offshore wind power, which have been successfully applied in China, Northern Europe and other countries and regions.
We plan to devote more time and energy to the development of low-carbon and environmentally friendly renewable energy fields in the future to help people achieve cleaner energy.

Personal Consumer Goods

The market for personal consumer goods is gradually increasing, and everyone’s yearning for a better life is constantly increasing. While meeting the needs of personal consumer goods customers, we continue to cooperate with innovation teams to research and develop to meet the individual needs of customers and develop several solutions for personal consumer goods. We will continue to uphold the concept of achieving higher customer satisfaction and inject innovative solutions into the better life of consumers.

Pioneers in Renewable Energy

CNPS offer several innovative solutions for renewable energy such as geothermal