Fiberglass Pipes

Buy Fiberglass Pipes With CNPS

CNPS is a complete fiberglass solutions provider. We supply advanced fiberglass piping systems internationally to many different sectors, including the oil and gas industry and geothermal energy.

You can get all sorts of fiberglass pipes from us including:

  • fiberglass line pipes
  • fiberglass tubings
  • fiberglass casings
  • fiberglass screen tubings
  • water injection GRE tubings
  • fiberglass reinforced plastic mortar pipes

Our products are designed to meet the most demanding and specialized conditions, no matter the site. CNPS offers fiberglass solutions that are long-term and come with maximum product life.

With us, you get high-quality fiberglass pipes selection, cost savings, and fast delivery.

Contact us today for fiberglass and composite pipe solutions!

Fiberglass Pipes for Oil and Gas

Our advanced fiberglass pipes can be used in a variety of industries, including oil and gas fields.

  • Use high and low fiberglass pipes for surface systems
  • Downhole fiberglass pipes for trail pipes
  • Fiberglass pipes for waste fluid

Fiberglass for Geothermal Energy

Our complete energy solutions also include fiberglass piping for geothermal wells.

You can opt for our high-quality, advanced download high-pressure fiberglass pipes over steel pipes.

Here’s why:

  • They’re much lighter and easier to use
  • They have a longer life span
  • They’re anti-corrosion and anti-vax
  • They’re great thermal conductors
  • They’re a convenient and optimal solution for geothermal energy