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Complete Oil and Gas Solutions

We’re an innovative energy and electronics solutions provider transforming the industry.

CNPS has been providing complete oil and gas solutions to customers around the globe for the last 10+ Years. We specialize in procuring equipment for oil and gas companies to make the process of exploring, drilling, and distributing oil and gas easier.

Our equipment is necessary and essential at oil rig sites and that is why we take great care to ensure a wide selection of high-quality, efficient, and durable machines and tools required by the global oil and gas industry.

Our company also handles sourcing and exports of this equipment to their designated locations.

oil drill

We have over a decade of valuable experience in electronic technology that is mainly concerned with manufacturing various TV components and parts.

Our products are perfect for home and office use and are thoroughly tested for safety and usability before being delivered to you.


CNPS is a leading fiberglass products and solutions provider. We supply advanced fiberglass pipes and tanks to customers worldwide.

We’re a huge advocate of renewable energy. CNPS offers high-quality onshore and offshore wind power solutions to provide clean, green energy to the world through its strong global supply chain resources.
We focus on providing our customers with safe and advanced geological, surface formation evaluation, drilling monitoring, and light well intervention products and solutions.

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