Suggestions for Ordering API Low Pressure Fiberglass Line Pipe and Fittings

1.1 In placing orders for line pipe to be manufactured in accordance with API Spec 15LR, the purchaser may specify the following on
the purchase order:
Specification API Spec 15LR
Pressure Rating Par. 1.1
Process of Manufacture Par. 3.1
Resin System Par. 3.2
Nominal Size or Outside Diameter Tables 1 and 2
Length Par. 7.1.2
Pipe Ends Par. 8.1
Delivery Date and Shipping Instructions

1.2 Attention is called to the following paragraphs which may require agreement between the purchaser and the manufacturer:
Service Factors Par 5.4
Disposition of Rejected Product Appendix H, Par. H.4

1.3 The purchaser should also state on the purchase order the
requirements concerning the following stipulations which are
optional with the purchaser:
Degree of Cure Par. 4.4
Physical Properties Par. 5.1
Static Pressure Rating Par. 5.5.2
Pipe Drawings Par. 8.2
Purchaser Inspection Par. 8.6

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