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Drill Pipe Storage And Handling: 4 Types And What They Do

Drilling activities are challenging and complex. Oil and gas exploration companies cannot use standard tools and techniques to drill for oil and gas in some of the world’s harshest environments.

As a result, they need OCTG equipment for drilling activities. OCTG is engineered and manufactured using specific techniques to ensure it can withstand environmental damage and corrosion of harsh drilling sites.

Statistics show that the global oil country tubular goods market was worth approximately $21 billion in 2020. However, experts project it’ll grow to $37.5 billion by 2030, expanding rapidly at a compound annual growth rate of 6.5 percent.

OCTG equipment is capital-intensive. While it’s built to last in such draconian conditions, you’ll still want to protect your equipment using drill pipe storage and handling tools.

Types of Drill Pipe Storage and Handling Tools for Your Oil Country Tubular Goods

Drill pipe storage and handling tools are necessary for any oil and gas exploration and production company. These tools are invaluable because they protect expensive OCTG equipment from damage and wear and tear during transportation.

Protecting equipment is crucial because damaged equipment can set back production timelines and halt drilling operations. Oil and gas exploration and production companies want to ensure that drilling activities don’t get halted because these operations are costly and time is valuable.

As a result, drill pipe storage and handling tools are vital for these companies.

Pipe Chocks

Pipe chocks are essential drill pipe storage and handling tools for your tubular assets. They’re pyramid-shaped pieces you can nail down to a surface. Doing so allows you to lay drill pipes without movement.

Pipe chocks are essential for oil and gas exploration companies because they prevent drill pipes from jostling and becoming loose during transport. Instead, they provide a stable position for your drill pipes to rest, preventing them from damaging one another. Likewise, pipe chocks are also important because they help you maintain the drill pipe’s structural integrity, ensuring you comply with safety regulations.

Oil and gas exploration and production companies like to pair pipe chocks with OCTG equipment because they’re easily installable and removable. However, you’ll want to ensure your pipe chocks don’t wear down or become damaged. Consider replacing your pipe chocks if the nail holes look damaged.

Timely replacing pipe chocks will also prevent the chock from separating from its surface. Pipe chocks can also change their shape, necessitating replacement. Shape changes can make your pipe chock unstable, rendering it ineffective and unusable.  

Thread Protectors

Thread protectors are also essential for protecting your OCTG and oilfield service equipment. Oil and gas exploration and production companies use thread protectors to prevent metal threads on drill pipes from suffering wear and tear.

Metal threads on drill pipes can become damaged from rough handling, metal-to-metal contact during transportation, and improper handling.

OCTG thread protectors also prevent foreign objects from entering the drill pipe. Drill pipes often dig over a kilometer below the Earth’s surface, meaning there’s a significant risk to OCTG equipment when conducting drilling activities.

Bumper Rings

Oil and gas exploration and extraction companies prioritize bumper rings because they protect drill pipes during storage and transportation. They’re also essential because they prevent drill pipes from wearing each other out through metal-on-metal contact during transportation. In addition, bumper rings also save drill pipes from corrosion. The surface of drill pipes is usually susceptible to corrosion and elemental damage because of the extra airflow being exposed.

Linings and Coatings

Aggressive downhole environments can significantly damage drill pipes. However, linings and coatings can help preserve their longevity. These tools are useful because they help drill pipes to avoid coercion damage, putting, and fatigue, which often results in drilling operations shutting down as pipes become irreversibly damaged.

Why Invest in Drill Pipe Storage and Handling?

Investing in drill pipe storage and handling is crucial for every oil and gas exploration and production company. Doing so helps them prevent operation shutdowns and drilling activity delays. These tools ensure your drill pipes are safe and protected whether you’re using, storing, or transporting them.

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