CNPS-DNJ Electric Torque Sensor

CNPS-DNJ Electric Torque Sensor


CNPS-DNJ AC/DC dual-purpose electric torque sensor transmitter

AC and DC rated input 1000A ~ 2000A

Rated output DC DC0~5v or DC0~20mA or 4~20mA.

As the isolated AC and DC current of the main loop system of 1200v and below,

The working power supply DC±12V~±15V or

Single power supply +12 V ~+24V

Measuring bandwidth DC~20HZ

Measuring arbitrary waveform

The maximum power consumption is +40mA, -20mA

Response time ≤ 300ms

Measuring aperture ¢ 50mm

Output can provide standard DC current signal for long distance transmission.



The clamp type is easy to install, and it is not necessary to remove the bus bar. In special cases, it can be installed online without power failure. Terminal wiring is easy to install ·Insulation of primary and secondary sides The true rms conversion (TRMS) is used for AC measurement, and it can also be used in the case of waveform distortion. Guaranteed measurement accuracy · Excellent long-term stability without cumulative error Good temperature characteristics (≤0.04%°C)·Overload capacity is 10 times of rated value Highly reliable MTBF: 2 x 104 hours · Fully enclosed for use in harsh environments Thin-thin design, small size, light weight ·Complete magnetic circuit protection Superior performance / price ratio · Advanced SMT surface mounting technology 3   Application field Widely used in oil field and power system microcomputer monitoring, AC frequency converter, new inverter, rectifier, welding equipment, safety power supply, railway signal monitoring, CNC machine tools, railway trams, trolley buses, industrial automation control, industrial and mining enterprises Automation and many other areas, as well as non-contact measurement of current.

Electrical parameters Type HU-404

Parameter symbol Rated input current IPN AC+DC 1000A

Rated output ISN DC0-4V

Accuracy (%Fs) ±1 Bias Vin=0 ≤0.6%

Rated output Linearity εL ≤1%

load capacity    ≥10K

Working power supply VC DC+4.8V

Response time Tr ≤300ms

Measurement bandwidth f DC~20 KHZ

Measuring waveform   Any Wave Power consumption   29mv

Temperature drift   ≤0.04%/℃(-10℃~+70)

Insulation withstand voltage Vd AC3KV/50HZ/1min

Working temperature TA -10℃~+70℃

Storage ambient temperature TS -25℃~+85℃

Weight 155 kg


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