Gamma Ray Tool Well Logging Tool

The Production Gamma Ray (PGR) tool measures the naturally occurring radiation that is emitted by various formations to determine lithology. Radioactive scale can also be detected. All models are compact, rugged and combine excellent  sensitivity with high resolution for cased hole production logging applications.


Tools can be combined for tracer work and, with the addition of a gamma source, used for gravel pack investigations.



Lithology Identification

Depth Correlation

Identification of Radio Active Scale

Tracer Monitoring

Gravel Pack Monitoring (with addition of a gamma source)

Specification: 350ºF (177ºC) 15,000psi (103.4MPa) 1 3 / 8 in (35mm) 1 11 / 16 in (43mm) 19.7in (500mm) 23.1 (586mm) 5.1lbs (2.3kg) 9.4lbs (4.3kg)

Weight 124 kg


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