Mud logging sensor called riser pressure sensor

Mud logging sensor called riser pressure sensor The pressure sensor can be used to measure the pressure of a viscous, easily blocked fluid. Because the sensor’s sensing component has a rigid membrane structure and does not require a cavity to guide pressure, it can withstand shock and wear when in direct contact with the medium being measured.


MPM489 pressure transmitter is a new pressure transmitter developed by our company. The 316L insulated diaphragm pressure sensor is housed together with high-performance signal processing circuitry in a stainless steel housing. The sensor is automatically tested by a computer and compensates for zero and temperature over a wide range using a laser trimming system. The digital circuit processes the sensor signal into a standard output signal.


Supply voltage +24 VDC ± 4 VDC

Output signal 4~20mADC

Range can be customized (0-40MPa)

Nonlinearity ≤±0.5% FS

Hysteresis ≤±0.5% FS

Repeatability ≤±0.5% FS

Wired system 2-wire

4-20 mA sensor cable

Temperature influence ≤±0.05%FS/°C

Safety level IEC EEXiaⅡ CT6


The Pump Stroke sensor is an inductive, non-contact sensor used in the petroleum industry to measure the speed of a pump or turntable. It has wide supply voltage range, high repeatability, fast frequency response, long service life, vibration resistance, corrosion resistance and waterproof, with reverse polarity and short circuit protection


The MPM489 pressure port is an external port with a waterline seal and the electrical connection is either plug or cable. Compact design and standard signal output ensure convenient and stable operation.


All sensors are either type EX or intrinsically safe. There are zonal barriers installed in the block. Using products from well-known brands at home and abroad, dirt detection unit sensors have advantages in technical and operational performance. At the same time, the service life is long.


CNPS can ship the goods to you by express, by air or by sea.


1.Why do you choose our company?

We are a trading company that has established a perfect supply chain for oil and gas equipment. We have been working in the oil industry for about 10 years (following ISO9001 standard). We test our mill every month to ensure their quality. After-sales service is paid by ourselves, so we can respond to any problem within 24 hours.

2. How can you guarantee the quality?

Every time we inspect our factories first. This review will identify the individuals, products available, their scale, etc. If everything goes well, we will start collaborating. During cooperation, we will visit factories to test products to ensure good quality of products. If it does not meet our requirements, the item will be rejected.

3. Do you have price advantage?

For us, quality comes first. And the second consideration is price. We cannot say that we have a lower price because this is due to quality. We must say that we have the best price.

4. How long have you been in the export business?

Our salespeople have 8-10 years of experience in international business. They understand every step of exporting and provide quality services to each of our clients.

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