Mud logging sensor named drilling fluid temperature sensor

Mud logging sensor named drilling fluid temperature sensor The CNPS drilling fluid temperature sensor is used to measure the temperature of drilling fluid.


The CNPS type drilling fluid temperature sensor is composed of a temperature detector and a transmitter. When the drilling fluid temperature changes, the resistance of the temperature sensor in the temperature sensor detector changes correspondingly, and the change is linear with the temperature change. The transmitter converts the resistance change to 4-20 mA standard DC current signal.



Technical date sheet measuring temperature 0~100 ℃

Rated working voltage 5~30VDC

Output current 4 ~ 20mA

DC Measurement accuracy +- 1.0%FS 5 ~ 95%RH

Relative humidity 100Hz



The sensor is equipped with an anti-collision metal housing, mechanical and oil-resistant seals are used in the connecting part, and thick film platinum resistance is used in the temperature sensing part. It has the advantages of corrosion resistance, good sealing, good linearity and stable performance. It is an important sensor in oil and gas exploration and can be used in various harsh environments such as oilfield field.



The mud temperature sensor is very convenient to install. It is only necessary to immerse the sensor temperature sensor in the drilling fluid to be measured completely, then fix it with a bracket and connect it with a cable.



All sensors either are EX type or are intrinsically safe. Zone barriers are installed in the Unit. Using well-known brand products at home and abroad, the sensors of mud logging unit have the advantage of technical and performance indicators. At the same time, the service life is long.



CNPS can ship the goods to you by Express, Air, or sea.



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