Pit level sensor used for mud logging

Pit level sensor used for mud logging The CNPS-ML11 type drilling fluid volume sensor is an ultrasonic liquid level sensor which combines the sensing technology and the electrical signal processing. It is used to monitor the change of the volume of the drilling fluid.


The  drilling fluid volume sensor is composed of an ultrasonic transmitter, a receiving device and a transmitter. The ultrasonic wave emitted by the ultrasonic transmitting device is reflected by the surface of the object, and then is received by the receiving device. The transmitter converts the signal generated during ultrasonic emission and reception to the standard current signal.


Technical date sheet Power +15V ~ 30V DC (recommended +24V DC)

Measurement range 0.25 m to 5 m

Output current 4 ~ 20mA

Measurement accuracy + 0.5%FS

Environmental conditions working temperature -40 C ~ +60 C

Relative humidity  5 ~ 95%RH



The probe of the sensor sends out a series of ultrasonic pulses, while the ultrasonic pulse returns after receiving the liquid level, and is received by the sensor. The filtering device in the sensor can distinguish true echoes from the liquid surface from various false echoes from sound waves, wave noise and rotating agitator blade noise. The pulse wave is converted from the time of temperature compensation to the time used by the emission to the liquid surface and then back to the sensor.



The ultrasonic level sensor should be installed on the sensor mounting rack. When installing, sound wave propagation route should be no obstacle and perpendicular to the liquid surface. Be careful not to cross the filling, pipeline, weld, ladders, etc., and not to the wall. During installation, the distance between the sensor end and the highest liquid level should be kept at least 25cm.



All sensors either are EX type or are intrinsically safe. Zone barriers are installed in the Unit. Using well-known brand products at home and abroad, the sensors of mud logging unit have the advantage of technical and performance indicators. At the same time, the service life is long.



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