Wireless draw work sensor for mud logging unit

Wireless draw work sensor for mud logging unit Wireless draw work sensor used to measure the depth of the well, the time of drilling, the position of the drill bit, the height of the hook, the speed and the direction of motion.

The wireless draw work sensor is a game-changer in the mud logging landscape, enhancing the accuracy and speed of data acquisition. Precision-engineered, this wireless draw work sensor is designed to measure key parameters crucial to well monitoring and drilling operations.

Offering real-time insights, the mud logging sensor captures data on the well’s depth, drilling time, drill bit position, hook height, as well as the speed and direction of motion. The wireless draw work sensor available at CNPS seamlessly integrates into the mud logging unit, bringing efficiency and accuracy to your drilling operations.

The wireless functionality eliminates the constraints of traditional wired sensors, providing flexibility and ease of installation. With this advanced mud logging sensor, you gain a holistic view of your well, enabling informed decision-making and enhanced control over the drilling process.

Wireless draw work sensors at CNPS set the standard for reliability, accuracy, and efficiency in capturing essential well drilling data. Upgrade your mud logging unit with CNPS technology and stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of oil and gas exploration.


The draw work sensor is the most important sensor in the comprehensive logging instrument. It is mainly used to measure the depth of the well, the time of drilling, the position of the drill bit, the height of the hook, the speed and the direction of motion. The performance of the winch directly affects the quality of the logging data and the oil and gas exploration work.



Supply voltage: 3.5-5VDC

High level output: >3.2VDC

Low level output: ≤0.3VDC

Maximum operating current: <2.5~3mA

Maximum speed: ≤3000r/min

Accuracy: ±1

Working temperature: -40~70°C

Number of encoder disc teeth: 48

Protection level: IP 67



The draw work sensor is composed of stator and rotor. The super miniature double pulse probe lies flat in the stator slot. When the rotor rotates, the magnetic sensor on the turntable continuously sweeps over the surface of the probe, so two groups of pulse signals with phase difference are obtained at the output end, which are transformed into two groups of counting pulses through the interface circuit and sent to the instrument for processing. Through the real-time data detection of winch signal, the winch pulse signal count value related to the hook height can be obtained. Through the output of two winch sensors, the running direction can be judged. These data can be transmitted to the upper computer, and the real-time well depth can be obtained through the corresponding calculation.



The sensor is designed to measure well depth and hook position. Within the sessor, it is equipped with two photoelectric switches and a shade chip with dental flake. While the shade chipe is turinning with drawwork shaft, the infrared light in the gap of two photoelectric switches is guided or obstructed. Consequently, two series of voltage impulse signal is generated by photoelectric switches. The sensor is 4-wire system, defined as: +5V, 0V, signal A and signal B.



All sensors either are EX type or are intrinsically safe. Zone barriers are installed in the Unit. Using well-known brand products at home and abroad, the sensors of mud logging unit have the advantage of technical and performance indicators. At the same time, the service life is long.



CNPS can ship the goods to you by Express, Air, or sea.



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