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Six Reasons Why Wind Energy Is Useful

Global warming is a serious issue that has resulted from human-created climate change. Environmental scientists have sounded the alarm for decades. Massive hurricanes, rising sea levels, severe droughts, and other catastrophic effects are already evident. Although many changes are irreversible, there’s still some hope.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is the key. However, this can only be achieved if we reduce dependence on fossil fuels and turn to renewable energy solutions such as wind energy. Wind energy possesses all the vital prerequisites that lead to the shift towards green and clean energy sources.

CNPS experts believe many aspects of wind power distinguish it from other renewables like solar, hydroelectric, and geothermal energy solutions. Here are some reasons wind energy is incredibly useful for a sustainable future.

#1- Wind Energy Boasts Minimal Carbon Footprint

Your net carbon footprint includes carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions. Fossil fuel combustion creates a significant amount of carbon footprint. In contrast, even if we consider the entire lifestyle, including the creation process of the turbine and the time it’s up and running, wind energy still reduces far fewer emissions than gas and coal counterparts.

#2- Wind Energy Produces Less Pollution

The burning of fossil fuels releases nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere. Smog and acid rain are some of the harmful aftereffects of combustion. Since turbines don’t emit any pollutants or toxic chemicals into the environment, the problem doesn’t exist with wind energy solutions.

#3- Wind Energy is Cost-Effective

Electricity generation is becoming increasingly expensive, especially amidst the rising fuel costs. Fortunately, renewable energies are relatively cheaper energy sources. International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) reveals that solar and wind projects generate cheaper electricity than the cheapest coal plants in the world. The cost of wind farms has also witnessed a drastic fall, so the old argument of wind power costing too much doesn’t hold up any longer.

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#4- Wind Energy Requires Very Little Land

Although wind power equipment is installed on land, it doesn’t require a lot of space. The vertically extending blades and the base both have negligible sizes compared to photovoltaic power plants. Therefore, wind power allows the utilization of land for multiple purposes simultaneously.

#5- Wind Energy Offers Excellent Circularity and Recyclability

Wind power equipment is virtually reversible. At the end of the plant’s working life, practically everything can be recovered. The plant can be dismantled into basic components, materials can be recycled, and the land can be returned to its original shape. In fact, some materials can be reused to create a new cutting-edge plant, a concept that’s in line with the popular circular economy model.

#6- Wind Energy Requires Occasional and Simple Maintenance

Maintaining an efficient wind plant is very simple. Besides exceptional events or rare breakages, running wind power equipment is inexpensive and requires minimal maintenance. Most turbines and towers function seamlessly for decades without requiring interventions. Slight adjustments and regular checks are all they need to continue to operate for decades.

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