API SPEC 17J (R2021)

Specification for Unbonded Flexible Pipe, Fourth Edition, Includes Errata 1 (September 2016), Errata 2 (May 2017), and Addendum 1 (2017)

STANDARD by American Petroleum Institute, 05/01/2014

Description / Abstract:

API SPEC 17J, 4th Edition, May 2014 – Specification for Unbonded Flexible Pipe

API 17J defines the technical requirements for safe, dimensionally and functionally interchangeable flexible pipes that are designed and manufactured to uniform standards and criteria. Minimum requirements are specified for the design, material selection, manufacture, testing, marking, and packaging of flexible pipes, with reference to existing codes and standards where applicable. See API 17B for guidelines on the use of flexible pipes.

API 17J applies to unbonded flexible pipe assemblies, consisting of segments of flexible pipe body with end fittings attached to both ends. API 17J does not cover flexible pipes of bonded structure. API 17J does not apply to flexible pipe ancillary components. Guidelines on flexible pipe ancillary components are given in API 17L1, API 17L2, and other API documents.

API 17J does not apply to flexible pipes that include nonmetallic tensile and pressure armor wires.

The applications addressed by API 17J are sweet and sour service production, including export and injection applications. Production products include oil, gas, water, and injection chemicals. API 17J applies to both static and dynamic flexible pipes used as flowlines, risers, and jumpers. API 17J does not apply to flexible pipes for use in choke and kill line applications. Annex H of API 17B provides recommendations for the application of fiber reinforced polymer materials for pressure armor and tensile armor in unbonded flexible pipe.

NOTE 1 See API 16C for choke and kill line applications.

NOTE 2 API 17K provides guidelines for bonded flexible pipe.

If product is supplied bearing the API Monogram and manufactured at a facility licensed by API, the requirements of Annex A apply.

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