API 15LE PE-100 HDPE Lining Tubes

API 15LE PE-100 HDPE Lining tubes have API SPEC 15LE (R2018) Specification for Polyethylene Line Pipe (PE) certification.



Required item: The quantity of HDPE pipes shall be 151mm×7mm (OD-151mm, WT-7mm)HDPE, 4km, and 157mm×7mm (OD-157mm, WT-7mm)HDPE, 14km· The PE 4710 (PE 100) resin material shall be Borouge HE3490-LS. Any other material is not accepted.

Preferred cutting length of 6” inches HDPE Pipes is 11~12m which can be loaded inside the container· HDB (Hydrostatic Design Basis) is established to 50 years· Life span should be more than 20 years· the fluid environment is oil, gas and non-potable water· service temperature is between 0 ℃ and 60 ℃· HPDE shall be provided with long-term UV protection (2% to 3% carbon black)· The tolerance of the outside diameter and wall thickness must be positive and within the limit of Table

1. The negative tolerance is not accepted



What is API 15 LE?

American Petroleum Institute (API) 15 LE is a polyethylene line pipe standard written for oil and gas gathering and oilfield applications.


Why is it possible to see ASTM D2513, ASTM F2619, and API 15 LE on the same pipe printline?

ASTM F2619 and API 15LE are generally used for PE pipe in oil & gas gathering applications. ASTM D2513 may be added to PE line pipe in situations where there is a potential concern that non-jurisdictional pipe may get re-classified as jurisdictional.


Has ASTM F2619 or API 15LE been adopted/accepted by PHMSA?

No. PHMSA is currently reviewing ASTM F2619 for possible incorporation into the CFR. The Plastics Pipe Institute “PPI” and the Gas Pipe Technology Committee “GPTC” are developing petitions to PHMSA for the incorporation by reference of ASTM F2619 into 49 CFR parts 192 and 195. No work is currently under way to incorporate API 15LE into 49 CFR part 192.


What will be different about our polyethylene pipe because of the rule change?

You will still receive high quality polyethylene pipe from the manufacturer. The only difference is that jurisdictional ASTM D2513 gas pipe will now be made with no rework material and more oil & gas gathering pipe will now be manufactured to either ASTM F2619 or API 15LE standards.

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