Fiberglass Sucker Rod

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The composite material continuous sucker rod is made of carbon fiber as the main reinforcing material by way of pultrusion.

Scope of Production


Product Standard

Q/SH1020 2596 – 2017 Composite Carbon Fiber Material Continuous Sucker Rod


Conventional well, corrosion well, deep well, etc.

Product Characteristics

Light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, eccentric wear resistant.

System Matching

Pumping unit, downhole service vehicles, design and analysis software.
(1) pumping unit characteristics
Long stroke, low SPM; stroke length and SPM adjustable; low energy consumption, easy installation.
(2) service vehicle performance
Safe and reliable; rapid movement; high operational efficiency; Fast in place; Easy to operate.
(3) design and analysis software

Accurate design prediction and full analysis functions.
Basic mechanical properties of pultruted sections

Diameter Breaking load Setting depth Temperature resistance
mm KN m ºC
16 260 1500 ≤150
19 370 2000 ≤150
22 500 3000 ≤150
25 650 4000 ≤150


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