Depth Interface Unit

The DIU is used in conjunction with Universal Serial Bus (USB) surface panels to interface a depth encoder and analogue and digital inputs to the logging system.


The unit contains depth encoder interfaces for all commonly used encoder types together with 4 digital counter inputs, 2 analogue voltage inputs and two 4-20mA analogue current inputs. A low voltage DC output is also available for driving depth encoders or additional circuitry. Also included in the DIU is a USB hub with 3 ports accessible from the outside of the unit. When the unit is connected to a CNPS USB surface panel 2 of these USB ports are available for connecting any additional equipment, such as printers, mice etc, to the logging PC. The DIU features a universal mains input, and can be operated either as a free standing unit or mounted in a standard 19″ rack using the rack mounting kit supplied with the unit.



Interface for Pepperl & Fuchs low current depth encoder Interface for voltage output / open collector output depth encoder 4

Digital counter inputs 2 Analogue voltage inputs 2 Analogue current inputs (4 – 20 mA current loop) Externally available 9V DC power supply USB port with 3 external ports

Universal mains input (85 – 264 VAC) 19″

Rack mounting kit included



Height 43mm

Standalone unit 44mm

Rack mounted (1U space)

Width 260mm

Standalone unit 483mm

Rack mounted (1U space)

Depth 160mm

Standalone unit or Rack mounted Weight 1.8Kg

Mains Input 85 – 264 VAC

Universal input. 47 – 63 Hz

Mains Current < 50mA AC At any valid mains voltage

Protection Fuse 2AT 2 Amp anti-surge fuse

Visual Indicators “POWER” LED Mounted on front panel USB Ports 3 On rear panel USB Version 1.1 USB Supply current 500 mA DC On all ports simultaneously.

Weight 1 kg


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