API 16A Hydraulic Plug Wellhead Valve

Plug Valves are used to control flow opena and close. valve bodies are die-forged from premium alloy steel and heat treated to ensure the strength. plugs and seal segments are machined from heat treated alloy steel with special surface treatment to ensure reliable sealing capacity.


Compact structure, easy operation and maintenance. Union connections on both ends. Available with manual, handwheel and hydraulic actuators with limiter switches. Valves can be serviced without removing from the line. Plug valves for standard service range are available in 1 ” to 4 ” bore sizes and 6,000psi to 20,000psi rated pressure. We has also developed plug valves for H2S service in accordance with NACE MR0175 criteria with 1 ” to 4 ” bore sizes and 10,000psi to 15,000psi rated pressure. JASON provides a customized design to meet each customer’s unique requirements.



Fracturing, cementing,acidizing and testing lines



1.Rigid stop design:rigid stop srew avoids breaking when the plug cap turns to limit position, causing switch limit inaccuracy.

2.Easy operation: thrust bearing reduces pressurized torque which can save labor and ensure rapid shutoff when accident happens.

3.Fool proofing device: an added fool-proofing pin between plate and valve body ensures no accidental locating during routine maintenance and installation.

4.Special Sealing material: the backup ring of the body cap features special materials that allow for east assembly and disassembly.

5.Wave spring design: stainless steel wave springs prevent small particles from entering inside the valve seal area and enable a very easy disassembly.

6. Dual seals: Dual seals in the inner and outer grooves ensures sealing capacities even in severe service conditions.

7.Excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance: Plugs are made from premium alloy steel, with special coating and heat treating process which greatly improves sealing capacities, abrasion and corrosion resistance.

8.Interchangeable design: replacing plate and plug cap with handwheel operator can meet different service applications.

9. Fast assembly, high strength: integral plugs are designed a more compact valve and ensier maintenance.

10. Improved seals: Special design of seal segments with standard O-ring improves sealing capacities and extends service life.

11. Special side segment design: Metal side segments will improve pressure containning capacity in limited space.

12. Highly corrosive resistance: Seal rings are made from sepcial materials with impoved corrision resistance.

13.Pressure containing parts:valve bodies are forged to meet NACE MRO0175 requirements for sour service.

14.Dual seals: in the inner and outer grooves are made from HNBR which is soue gas resistant and low temperature resistant material. The anti-extrusion metal ring added to the inner ting extends service life.

Weight 800 kg


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