Wellhead Slickline Pressure Control

API Spec 6A; It is suitable for steam huff &puff, steam drive process.


Structure type: casing flange, single-stage casing head, dual-stage casing head .etc.

All types and sizes of KYS series wellhead assembly and Christmas tree can be designed and produced according to customers’  requirements.



Item Description wire ID 1.6-3.2 Service  Conditions Water,  crude oil,  natural gas  with H2S and CO2

Working  Temperature -29°C~ +121°C

Working medium Oil,water,saturated steam Cable ID(mm) 5.6mm, 8mm, 11.8mm,12.7mm

Material: forging

Coating: Hull Paint

Installation Type: Skid Mounted Quality

Warranty: 1 year

Weight 140 kg


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