Explosion Proof Monitor for Sludge Logging

Explosion-proof mud logging monitor Explosion-proof mud logging monitor used in oil and gas fields.



Rated voltage: AC100-AC240 DC12

Rated current: ≤3A

Ex-mark: ExdIIBT6 Gb DIP A21 TA,T6

Degree of protection: IP66

Erosion resistance class: W WF1 WF2


Dangerous: division 1&2gaseous explosive atmosphere: class IIA, IIB, and/or zone 21&22, flammable dust atmospheres;

Temperature class: T1-T6

Indoor and outdoor (IP66)

Used in chemical industry, oil refining, oil exploration, offshore oil platforms, tankers, military and other dangerous places.


1.Material: CS or SS, precision welding protected by argon.

2.surface treatment: coating or chemical treatment

3.Intel and output: with explosion-proof cable gland

4. Inlet, outlet and size can be designed according to customer requirements.

The screen is used for domestic and foreign famous brand products of 15, 17, 19, 21, 26, 29 and 32 inches.


CNPS can ship the goods to you by express, air or sea.


1. Why choose our company?

We are a trading company, based on a perfect supply chain of oil and gas equipment products. We have been working in the oil industry for about 10 years (we follow ISO9001) and we check our factories every month to ensure their quality. After-sales service is taken care of by ourselves, allowing us to respond to any problems within 24 hours.

2. How can you guarantee your quality?

Every time, we inspect our factories first. This inspection will include people, current products, their scale, etc. If everything goes well, we will start to cooperate. During the cooperation, we will go to factories to test the products to ensure the good quality of the products. If it does not meet our requirements, the merchandise will be refused.

3. Do you have a price advantage?

For us, quality is our first concern. And the second consideration is price. We can’t say we have the lowest price, because of the quality problem. We have to say we have the best price.

4. How long have you been exporting?

Our salespeople have 8-10 years experience in international trade. They understand every step of exporting and provide good service to each of our customers.

Weight 25 kg


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