Mud Proof Degasser

Sludge proof degasser Sludge proof degasser for oil and gas exploration.



Motor power: 370W

Explosion-proof motor marking: EX D Ⅱ CT6

Motor speed: 1390r/min

Supply voltage: three-phase 380V or 220V, 50 Hz

Stirring shaft speed: 1390r/min


The CL-DT electric degasser is available in two types: CL-DT11 (220V motor) and CL-DT12 (380V motor). It is composed of air collecting cylinder, drying pipe, blocking device, motor, stirring rod and lifting system. It can be used for degassing and degassing in oil fields. The degasser is compact and reasonable in structure, light in volume and convenient to install and use.


(1) CL-DT electric degasser is small in size and light in weight, easy to install and maintain. Each component can be conveniently connected during maintenance and installation. Except for the engine, the weight of the single cylinder of the collector cylinder does not exceed 6KG.

(2) flexible installation. The CL-DT electric degasser is designed for several different installation modes (see Fig. 2 and Fig. 3) and can be used for square, circular and semi-circular grooves.

(3) The adjustment is convenient. The change in mud displacement is often encountered during use, and the height of the collector cylinder needs to be adjusted. When adjustment is required, no tools are required to turn and raise the steering wheel. (looking down, clockwise rotation of the collector cylinder causes it to rise, and vice versa).

(4) Anti-overflow and anti-blocking performance are good. A fender is installed in the collector cylinder, which can effectively prevent mud from entering the gas pipeline.

(5) CL-DT electric degasser is made of stainless steel and plexiglass, in addition to the motor. It has good anti-rust and anti-corrosion performance.

(6) the dry pipe and the anti-blocking device are placed on the same mounting plate, and the total weight is less than 2KG, so the installation is convenient. As the drying pipe and shutter are made of plexiglass, it is intuitive to see whether the desiccant is invalid and the shutter is blocked, which can be adjusted in time.

(7) CL-DT electric degasser adopts explosion-proof motor to ensure safe operation of the equipment.


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Weight 35 kg


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