IFGS intelligent fiber glass solutions Catalog

GRP pipeline are made of glass fiber roving as reinforcement, epoxy resin as the matrix material, molded by winding.


Scope of Production
Diameter: DN40-DN900;
Pressure rating: 3.45MPa- 34.5MPa.Product Standards
API Spec 15HR-2016 High Pressure Glass FiberPiping Specification
SY/T 6267-2006 High Ppressure Glass Fiber Pipe
Oil, gas, water mixture transport in petroleum,
petrochemical and other areas.
Product Characteristics
Corrosion resistance, light weight, long service life, no
easy scaling or waxing.

Acid anhydride GRE line pipe (design as per API-
15HR) Temperature Resistant Level

Medium temperature: ≤ 65.5°C
Physical Properties
Density: 1.95 g/cm
3 (121.74 lbs/ft 3 ) Specific


Thermaldynamic Properties
Heat conductivity coefficient: 0.40W/m°C (0.23BTU/
ft/hr/°F) Coefficient of linear expansion : 14×10-6mm°C

Flow Coefficients
Hazen-Williams factor:C =150
Absolute roughness:0.0053mm(0.00021”)
Elastic Coefficients
Hoop elastic modulus:24.1GPa(3.5×10 6 psi)
Axial elastic modulus:11.9GPa(1.7×10 6 psi)

Poisson ratio(minimum): 0.38

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