Jeweled Bearing Continues Flowmeter

The CNPS Jeweled Bearing Continuous Flowmeter employs jewels to reduce the threshold and improve upon the sensitivity of the CFS. It is available in a number of sizes to suit particular applications and is run as the lowest tool in a string.


The tool is rugged and particular attention has been paid to the protection of the spinner unit. This Flowmeter performs in all well orientations from vertical to horizontal. This tool performs well in high velocity flows and can also be used where some sand production occurs.



The spinner is mounted between jeweled bearings and rotation detection is through zero drag Hall effect devices, giving very low threshold and optimizing low flow measurement. At high flow rates the Flowmeter is similarly reliable due to dynamic balancing and careful design of the rotor impeller. The tool outputs flow direction information.



Production Profiling in Tubing across Sliding Side Offers protection in wells known to have Logging inside sand screens / slotted Injection Monitoring INTERFACING & TOOL COMBINATIONS Simultaneous Operation with other Production Logging 1 3/16 UN 12 upper and lower Sondex Compatible and interchangeable. Interchangeable with CFB OPTIONS Special Heads to Customer Specification Seiavn Memory Based System for Slick Line Operation 5″, 1.69″ & 2.125″ diameters available



CFJ   Telemetry XTU or UMT

Pressure(max) 105MPa

Temperature(max) 177°C

Output 10 Pulse per revoluion

Direction Show up or down flow

Spinner pitch(1 11/16”) 142mm

Voltage(nominal) 18VDC

Current <15mA

Length 952mm

Measure Point 51mm

Minimum tubing ID 3.2mm+Tool ID <

Diameter available 1 1/2″ (38mm) 1 11/16″ (43mm) 2 1/8″(54mm)

Weight 4.8kg

Material Corrosion Resistance

Throughout End Thread(top) 13/16″ 12 UN2A

GO End connector(top) 4mm single banana connector

Weight 10 kg


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