Ultralink Logging Panel

The Ultralink Logging Panel (ULP) has 2 primary functions: To supply power to the tool string downhole To act as the surface half of a telemetry system between the downhole tool string and the It contains a power supply, user controls and displays, an interface to communicate with a PC and an Ultralink communications modem to provide telemetry up and down the wireline to the Signals from the CNPS Ultralink Logging Panel with depth information from the Depth Interface Unit, are routed via the Universal Serial Bus to the PC.


Data from downhole tools is recorded and calibrated in real- time to be presented on-screen and plotted to a hard copy plotter.



Temperature(max) 50°C

Operating Voltage 110/230VAC

Current 2A @ 230VAC and 4A @ 115VAC

Ultrawire toolbus data rate 50, 71,100,143 and 200 kbits/s

Box type 2U 48mm

Height 88mm

Depth 425mm

Width 483mm

Weight 10kg

Weight 2 kg


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