Ultralink/Ultrawire Downhole Controller

The XTU Downhole Controller is an intelligent bridge between the Ultrawire toolbus and the CNPS Ultralink telemetry system.


It serves both as a communications interface and as a programmable logging controller. It also incorporates a dc-dc converter (switch mode power supply) to convert the high voltage on the Ultralink line to power the Ultrawire toolbus. In its capacity as a logging controller, the XTU polls each tool on the toolstring for its data packet and assembles these data packets into frames for uplink to the surface. The sequence in which the tools are polled is determined by a logging program, which may be generated automatically or specified by the operator. By default, the polling program is generated and executed by the XTU without any intervention from the surface system, making logging a very simple process.



To collect data from tools on the Ultrawire toolbus and to transmit this data to the surface via the Ultralink line automatically or under user control. To facilitate bi-directional communication between the surface system and individual Ultrawire To convert high voltage dc power from the Ultralink line to supply the low voltage tools on the Ultrawire toolbus. Features Fully automatic “plug and play” configuration and start-up. Automatic identification of all the tools in the Automatic generation of a default polling program that enables all the identified tools to share the available bandwidth on the wireline. Automatic transmission of the toolstring configuration to the surface Selectable Ultralink bit rate (50-200 kBits/s) to suit varying demands and Automatic downlink failure detection triggers reversion to default bit Support for sophisticated downloadable user defined logging Detailed toolbus error detection and logging to facilitate fault Sondex.



XTU Pressure(max) 105MPa

Temperature(max) 177°C

Voltage(nominal) 200VDC

Current 28-30 ma

Ultrawire toolbus data rate 500kbits/s

Ultralink uplink data rat 50, 71,100,143 and 200 kbits/s

Ultralink downlink rate 300 bits/s

Length(make-up) 482mm

Diameter 43mm

Weight 3.4kg

Material Corrosion Resistance

Throughout End Thread(top/bottom) 13/16″ 12 UN2A

GO End connector(top/bottom) 4mm single banana connector

Weight 1 kg


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