Memory Production Logging

Memory Production Logging

Memory Logging Tools, which are available in CNPS Standard Memory or Ultrawire configurations, can be run on slickline or coiled tubing to acquire and store data from PL and Inspection tools.


A Memory section is programmed and downloaded using an IBM compatible Notebook Computer via an interface. Once powered by a high capacity Lithium battery within a separate battery holder (MBH), data is acquired and stored in accordance with a user defined ‘profile’. This controls the sensors logged and the sampling rate. CNPS MEMLOG software is supplied with all memory tools, providing a graphical interface for programming and downloading the tool, together with capabilities for merging memory tool data with depth-time files from the CNPS Depth-Time Recorder.



Data from the logging sensors is transmitted via the Tool Bus to the memory tool at the top of the string. Data is stored in nonvolatile flash memory chips under the control of a downhole processor. The tool can support all the standard CNPS memory tools and record readings from every sensor at up to 10 sets per second.



Slickline & Coiled Tubing Production Logging Production / Injection Well Profiling Multifinger Imaging Tool Surveys INTERFACING & TOOL COMBINATIONS PC Interface via CNPS MIP CNPS MEMLOG Software for Programming, Downloading and Merging Tool Data Large capacity models for Multi-finger Imaging Tools OPTIONS 32 Mb storage capacity. Standard. Larger memories in 32Mb increments (64Mb standard for MITs).



MPL Pressure(max) 105MPa

Temperature(max) 177°C

Supply Voltage 13.5– 20 VDC

Standby Current 0.5 mA

Writing Current ~50mA

Tool Programming via MIP Interface box

Tool Downloading Via MIP up to 4Mb/min (computer dependent)

Sample Rate 0.1; 0.2; 0.5; 1.0 seconds, then in whole second increments

Number of Channel 12 tools plus

Quartz Pressure and Temperature (standard telemetry). Up to 62 tools (Ultralink).

Capacity 32Mb (64Mb standard for MIT use)

Capability 8Mb will record 6 tool outputs plus

Pressure data @ 1 sec intervals for 126 hours

Length 505mm

Diameter 43mm

Weight 4.8kg

Material Corrosion Resistance

Throughout End Thread(top/bottom) 13/16″ 12 UN2A

GO End connector(top/bottom) 4mm single banana connector.

Weight 1 kg


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