Production double caliber

The CNPS dual X-Y calibrator runs centrally in the production registration toolchain. The caliper incorporates proven roller centralizer technology and has a pair of caliper arm mechanisms set at 90 degrees to each other to measure the inside diameter of the casing in the X and Y axes.



The collet is spring loaded and follows the inside diameter of the pipe as it runs into the hole. It opens completely as it exits the pipe to enter the casing. Each arm operates as an independent unit exerting a constant radial force across any casing diameter. Shielded LVDT sensors within the main shaft accurately measure by induction the position of collars attached external to the shaft. The position of the collar blocks is related to the inner diameter of the tube.


Determination of casing or completion of the open hole. ID identification to correlate with changes in clamping interface and tool combinations Simultaneous operation with other production registers 1 3/16 UN 12 top and bottom thread. Compatible with Sondex and OPTIONS Spring bow version for open hole Ultrawire™(UW) toolbus or memory toolbus (Mbus). Special heads according to customer specifications. Extended arms to increase the reach to the client’s liking.


PDC Telemetry XTU or UMT

Pressure (maximum) 105MPa

Temperature (max.) 177°C

Measuring range from 2″ to 9″ diameter

Resolution 0.015″

Accuracy 0.1″ < 150°C 0.2″ < 165°C 0.3″ <177°C

Voltage (nominal) 18VDC

Current <24mA

Length 952mm

Measuring point 9.75-11.25″(X) 6.75-8.25″ (Y)

Diameter 43mm

Weight 6.6kg

Material Corrosion resistance Along end thread (top/bottom) 13/16″ 12 UN2A GO End connector (top/bottom) 4mm single banana plug

Weight 1 kg


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