SLS Mud Logging Unit

SLS-3  Mud Logging Unit is new generation logging equipment which is designed and manufactured by us, cooperated with famous International mud logging comany. SLS has advantages of a large amount of data, rich information, fast processing speed and accurate interpretation.

The hardware and software configuration as well as the entire performance of the equipment have reached international leading level.   Main Configuration for SLS-3 Container Positive Explosion-Proof D N V Certification (DNV2.7-1 is selectable)

Size: 8 m×2.5 m×2.8 m Data

Acquisition System RS-485

Data Acquisition System No. of 4~20 Ma


No. of pulse channel:14

Safety Barrier     Chromatograph GC-3K gas

Chromatograph Total Gas :0~100%Min detectable


Chromatograph: 0~100%

Min detectable Concentration:10 ppm

Cycle:30 s CO2 Analyzer  CO2 Analyzer

Min detectable Concentration:0.2%


Safety Alarm System SAS Safety Alarm System Audio &Visible Software SLS-3 System Independent knowledge property right.

Weight 2365 kg


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