Sludge recording unit

Sludge Logging Unit Sludge logging unit used in oil and gas fields.



SLS mud logging unit is a new generation logging equipment which has been designed and manufactured by us, in cooperation with famous international mud logging company. SLS has the advantages of large amount of data, rich information, fast processing speed and accurate interpretation. The hardware and software configuration, as well as the entire equipment performance, have reached an international leading level.


Module Type Technical Specifications Positive Pressure Explosion Proof DNV Certified Container Suitable for Zone I at the platform site. DNV A0 grade, IEC79-13 standard. RS-485 Data Acquisition System Explosion-proof product, 40 analog signal channels, 14 pulse signal channels. Chromatograph Fast gas chromatograph

Minimum detectable concentration: 10ppm

Cycle time: ≥30s.

CO2 Analyzer SL-IR-II CO2

Analyzer Minimum detectable concentration: 0.2%.

Sludge Logging Software Sludge Logging Software System Alarm: Rotating red light, buzzer113-138dB

Power: ≥50W

Alarm system: rotating red light

Buzzer: 113-138dB

Power: ≥50W

Another module Directional Well Geological Steering System (selectable) Model the geological profile and stack the well track. Analysis and decision making in remote collaboration. Real-time remote data transmission system (selectable) Wireless network: 3G network, GPRS network, CDMA network. Data transmission: synchronization with on-site data.


Explosion-proof positive pressure system Positive pressure and explosion-proof with DNV certificate. Fire resistance certificate of level A-60, in accordance with IEC 60079-13 standard Applicable to zone Ⅰ at the well site Convenient installation Anti-interference ability Software Windows 2000/XP platform Data sharing via CDA English and Chinese version Monitoring in real time (numeric and curve)Engineering program kitData processing and interpretation programOil and gas evaluation 7890

Detector Chromatograph: FID

Minimum detection concentration: 10ppm (C1)

Baseline drift: ≤50pA/60 min

Base noise: ≤30pA

Repeat error: <3%

Component Analysis

Detector: FID

Minimum detection concentration: 10ppm (C1)

Detection range: C1-nC5

Analysis circle: ≤30s

Separation degree: C1︰ C2 (concentration ratio: 100:1) Separation degree>1

Baseline drift: ≤50pA/60 min

Base noise: ≤30pA

Repetition error: ≤3%.

CO2 Analyzer Based on infrared absorption principle Detection range: 0.2~100

Response time :≤10s

Detection deviation:±2%FS

Zero drift: ±2.5%FS

Repeatable deviation: <2%.

Wireless data acquisition system

Explosion-proof design with IP67 protection Overcurrent, overvoltage and short circuit protection Low power consumption, can work continuously for at least 20 days on a single charge Communication distance: more than 300m WITS protocol, compatible with various types of mud logging units



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Weight 10000 kg


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