Casing Collar Locator

The CNPS CCL (Ultrawire Casing Collar Locator) responds to changes in metal volume such as at tubing collars and perforations.


CCL operates as part of an Ultrawire toolstring and derives power and control from a suitable system controller e.g. XTU.As the tool passes a collar, or a change in metal volume, lines of metal flux between two opposing permanent magnets are disturbed. This induces a low frequency voltage or EMF in a coil mounted between the magnets. This signal is amplified and compensated for line speed to maintain a high signal gain in all circumstances. Finally the signal is converted by a voltage-controlled oscillator for recording in the Ultrawire section of the tool. The line conductor passes through the tool from upper to lower heads.



The fields of two opposing permanent magnets pass through a coil positioned between them. It is the movement of the lines of flux through the coil as they are altered by the variation in steel volume and position alongside the tool that produce a change in EMF across the coil output. The output from this coil is the conventional low frequency CCL which is sent to surface in wireline tools.This axial arrangement of 2 magnets minimizes the unwanted signal from sideways motion in the well.



Depth Control in Casing and Tubing

Location of Severe Casing or Tubing Damage

Confirmation of perforation depths / intervals.



Simultaneous Operation with other CNPS Tools

Standard CNPS GO or other connections.

Sondex Compatible and interchangeable.



Ultrawire™ toolbus (UW) or Memory toolbus (Mbus)

Slickline memory or surface readout mode (with suitable telemetry controller)



CCL Telemetry XTU or UMT

Pressure(max) 105MPa

Temperature(max) 177°C

Voltage(nominal) 18VDC

Current <16Ma

Length(make-up) 470mm

Measure Point 165mm

Diameter 38mm

Weight 5.1kg

Material Corrosion Resistance

Throughout End Thread(top/bottom) 13/16″ 12 UN2A

GO End connector(top/bottom) 4mm single banana connector.

Weight 10 kg


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