Mud recording sensor called extraction work sensor

Mud logging sensor called pull work sensor The sensor is installed on the winch shaft, which can monitor the angular displacement caused by the rotation of the winch shaft during the entire drilling process.


The pull principle work sensor is equipped with two proximity switches and a 12-tooth induction plate. When the induction plate rotates with the axis, the two proximity switches with 90° phase difference are locked and turned on respectively, and the corresponding electric pulse signal is sent for instrument detection.



Supply voltage: 5VDC ± 10%

Working environment temperature: – 40 ℃ – + 80 ℃

Power consumption: 300mw

Response time: 150us

Output signal: 48 pulses



It has the advantages of small volume, compact structure, good sealing performance, high sensitivity, large output signal, good anti-interference, accurate measurement, and convenient and reliable use. It is an economical and practical well depth measurement sensor in oil and geological drilling work.



Red wire: power positive

Blue wire: signal output II

Yellow wire: signal output I

Black wire: power negative



All sensors are type EX or intrinsically safe. Zone barriers are installed in the Unit. Using well-known brand products at home and abroad, the mud logging unit sensors have the advantage of technical and performance indicators. At the same time, the service life is long.



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